Greetings from Atlantic City!

So I had a very busy summer making up for lost time. I was sunning myself on the South Jersey Shores, mostly Asbury Park, but made a few stops in Ocean Grove, Cape May and for only the second time in my whole life Atlantic City! Now I must say I am not really attracted to Atlantic City or Las Vegas or any of that glitzy gambling scene kind of thing. Just not my thing but I will enjoy going anywhere different just for the change of scenery. I can have fun anywhere…especially with a camera in hand. People watching and beaches is enough to make this Jersey Girl very happy and if you add a Mojito or Cold Beer; well even happier. So I went to AC because my buddy Frances wanted to go so off we went. This was her thing more than mine but like I said I can have fun anywhere. My friend is a New Yorker, a Manhattanite so just being able to get in a car and take off and drive anywhere is a luxury she didn’t have so I am having fun showing her how we roll Jersey style. The last time I went to Atlantic City I was 16 years old and we came down to play basketball against a Atlantic City girls highschool team. Yeah, I snuck in to the casino and we had some laughs, ate some white house subs and drank free drinks in the Harrah Casinos. We were sixteen and it was a big deal. I still remember it.That was the last time I stepped foot in AC. So now we are back. Driving into Atlantic City was like driving into the Emerald City, there wasn’t any traffic and all I saw were all these huge hotels and casinos ahead. I guess we are off to see the Wizard.

When we were there it was a really great time to be there, it was still hot but it was off-season so no crowds. The first thing that happened when we pulled up to the parking lot of The Resorts was this nice couple started telling us about the history of the The Resorts; the “Spooky Haunted History”  They said that the hotel used to be a hospital for the War Veterans and that the Morgue is still in the basement of the Resort’s Hotel. They also said that the ghost of the war vets are seen walking up and down the halls of the hotel and the boardwalk occasionally. The old part of the Resorts hotel  looks like an old hospital and the other part is a beautiful Art Deco Building; I liked it. It didn’t have a glamorous over the top look to it like some of the other hotels had but I liked the vintage vibe. So that was a fun little tidbit of information. Especially for my friend who is obsessed with haunts and scary things that go bump bump in the night. I thought to myself; how perfect and how did they know that Frances would love a good Morgue Story! So now she is hoping we run into war veteran ghosts and as  we are off to check in she has an extra little spring in her step. She loves ghosts!

Here’s an article I found about just that thing they were talking about. The Ghosts and Stuff.

We walked up and down the boardwalk a few times as soon as we got there and met some friends. First we met lots of cats along the way; you will see them in the photos. They have a great program where they catch the cats and then neuter them and then release them and feed them at specific times so they have a normal feeding schedule. Very cool.

So my friend wanted to ride in one of those carts on the boardwalk, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do less but she wanted to do it so we did. Our “driver” was a central European man who taught me some words in Hungarian and in the meantime offered me his hand in marriage. (wink) and told me he had 300,000 dollars stuffed in his mattress. I believed him. By the way; he was already married. Then we ran into Singing Annie, a lady who was singing gospel songs on the boardwalk so we stopped and sang a few bars of “This little light of mine”; not sure if I was a mark or not with little Annie but I didn’t really care, I gave her a few bucks, sang a few notes and moved on. Then we met a Charles, a very nice man, United States Vet who was selling Greeting cards that he had made by hand. He was really happy to show me what he had made and how he had made the cards. He is selling greeting cards on the boardwalk so next time you need a birthday card skip Hallmark and make a vet’s day instead. Everywhere I looked I saw messages of inspiration, billboards that talked about Fun times ahead and John Wayne telling me He don’t much like quitters. Inspiration is everywhere, even in Atlantic City where signs of sin, greed, excess and hard times are seeping thru the daylight waiting to show its full fangs when night arrives. After a short ride to meet Lucy the elephant in Margate and grab a sub at Whitehouse Subs for old-time sake it was time to go. By the time we left we had walked miles and miles on the boardwalk, day and night; hit the outlets; drank some margaritas, played some slots, hung out inside an elephant, visited the Whitehouse, met some friends, two-legged and four-legged!  We had a blast. To be honest I didn’t see any ghosts but it doesn’t mean they weren’t there.

Love and Happiness


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