I’m not a car …. 

If you want to help someone who has a mental illness and is in recovery here’s some Do’s and Dont’s. 

1. Don’t patronize them and talk about them with others about their behavior and how you can fix them. 

2. Don’t listen to rumors .. treat them for how they have treated you. 

3. Sending them self help quotes on a daily basis doesn’t help. Thanks for doing it but It just reminds us daily of the stuff we have to conquer daily. 

4. Don’t say that everyone has bad days and snap out of it. Mental disorders are not a bad day and not everyone has mental illness. It’s so maddening when people dismiss the suffering. 

5. Don’t avoid us, we aren’t monsters. 


1. Do ask them to lunch and ask how they are doing today. 

2. Reach out and Give them a call and say Hi …. it’s really that easy. 

I never asked a friend to fix me; I just ask for your friendship.  I’m not a car and your not a mechanic. 



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