Can you fix my sole? 

9FF61FC3-B16B-444E-B5C6-B0E1D5E1A0E2I walked into his shop; shoes are aligned straight on the shelf.

I see the shoemaker and I smile; he doesn’t make eye contact, he doesn’t smile.

I am trying to fix my boots; the sole. keeps falling off. . Can it be glued?

I am not ready to throw them out yet. Can you fix my sole?

The shoemaker says he can fix it. Still no eye contact.

He over charges me; maybe that is why he makes no eye contact.

I know he is over charging me; he must need it. I don’t mind.

I stare at him; trying to get a smile. He wont’ look at me. He gives me the pink slip with his head down…and I leave.

I come back to get my boots.  He said yes they are ready. I fixed your Sole.

I smiled and said thank you. Still no smile.

I paid him and left.





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