Blue-Collar Asylum


Small town Small minds Mean Bastard Bigots of all the same kind.
Can’t wait to leave, don’t want to stay, born here but not from here, always on my way. Gossips liars and fakes walk the streets in big hoofed herds. Spreading their truth , their so called motherfucking righteous gospel word.
They act high-superior while their insides slow—ly die.

Living their Inauthentic miserable cookie cutter lives.
They Sound the same Look the same …Smoke their Marlboro cigs.
High School, Marry, Buy a house2.5 kids.
Drink your Beer, Vote for Trump, Drink the worm at the bottom of the Rum
I need To leave, I can’t breathe here, it’s a small town Blue-Collar Asy-lum.



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